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Thoroughbred ‘HorseCents’ Utility Billing Manager

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Program Design Features:

Microsoft Windows compliant.

Designed to be extremely powerful yet user friendly and easy to use.

Friendly “Have It Your Way’ Program Design – Let’s you do things ‘Your Way’ instead of being forced to do what the software requires.

User Defined Charge Fields – You can Change the Charges Field Names to what ‘You Want’

Designed to work for both Self Read and Read Water Systems.

Communication Features:

SMS Text Mass Customer Notifications – (Send Texts messages to Customer Smartphones for water outages and emergencies)

Email Billing Statments and Email Late Notices – (Save postage costs and expedite statement and notice delivery.   Also, Email Late Notice Notification to Owner on Rental Properties.)

USPS IMsb Portal Compliancy – (United States Postal Service Intelligent Mail Small Business) For Postal Savings

Ease of Use Features:

Automated End of the Utility Cycle Reset Guide (Leads you through Troubleshooting, Balancing, Printing Essential Reports, Customer Turnovers, and ‘One Click’ Data Backup)

Automated ‘Ghost In the House’ and ‘Holding Pen’ Features make dealing with customer turnover and ‘deadbeats’ a ‘snap’.

Built-in History and Audit Log:

History on Each Account created at End of Each Billing Cycle.

Cash Receipts Transactions Log – Unlimited log of all payments received.  Automatically records all payments upon entry.  

(Has it’s own query tool to group or report payments by date, customer, type, etc.)

Audit History Tools – Access Unlimited Account History.   Pick and choose Customers, Period of Time and more for customized Customer Reports.

Audit Trail Log – Automatically Records Account Edits.   Allows Query and reporting of changes in Charges, Payments, Usages and More.

General Features:

Query AdHoc Search and Reporting function (Easily find and Report ANY group of Customers with something in common.)

Generate Paper Statements and Late Notices (Letter or Card)

Built-in Word Processor with Mail Merge or Cut and Paste with Other Work Processors for Customizable Form Letters

Date Stamped Memos, User Created Statement Messages, Note Field, Individual Customer ‘Pop Up’ Flash Message reminders on Reading and Payment Entry

Track Bulk Water Sales, Generate Invoices or Track Water Sold for Coins or Tokens

Master Meter Support and Water Loss Tracking, Annual Sales and Usage Reports

Engineers Consumption Usage Report for Hydraulic Modeling Studies

‘Mass Change’ feature makes group changes and edits to all or a selected group of customers

Mouse, Keyboard, or Voice Activated Control is support.

‘Hands Free’ Barcode Customer Payment Entry Scanner and Voice Control Support

User Definable Check Boxes, Text and Date Field to Customer the program for any cirteria

Meter Switch Out, Customer Meter Tracking, Legal Descriptions, Easements, GPS Satellite Locations

Fuel Adjustment Factor Calc logic for Gas Customer Billing

Bills in Increments for 1, 10, 100, or 1000 gallon or cubic feet unit of measure

99 User Definable Rates for Each of 9 User Definable Charges Supports:  Water, Sewer, Trash, Gas, Electric and other user definable charges

Late Charges, Sales Tax, and Water Conservation Tax support built-in

Meter Switch Out and Rollover feature

Compound Meter Calculation

Estimate Bills feature

Master Meter Water Loss Calculation

User Definable Customizable Reports

Electronic Meter Reading Interfaces available for ALL the major meter reading companies:

Satellite Meter Reading, Radio Read Sytems, Mobile System Meter Reading, and Hand Held Touch Read

Thoroughbred Windows Tablet Meter Reading System

Built-in Manual Reading Entry features work for BOTH Customer ‘Self Read’ and ‘Utility Read’ Manual Read Systems.

Add-on Modules:

ACH Bank Account AutoPay (Automated Clearing House)

Online Credit Card Payment Service Interface module

Export Data Module

Post Payments Automatically to Integrated Thoroughbred Fund Accounting

Electronic Meter Reading Interfaces