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Software for Water Districts

Utility Billing Software

Our Thoroughbred ‘HorseCents’ Utility Billing Software is known for it’s ‘ease of use’ and powerful query reporting abilities.

Software for Municipalities

Utility Billing Software

Our Thoroughbred ‘HorseCents’ Utility Billing Software is known for it’s ‘ease of use’ and powerful query reporting abilities.

Municipal Court Software

Need a Municipal Court Solution to meet your needs and don’t want to ‘break the bank’.   We have the answer.

Cemetery Manager

Need to manage a Cemetery?  Be the ‘hero’ to people working on family history and genealogy projects with our ‘Photo Data Sheet’ Report.   Person and grave site photos, GPS location, obituaries, Dates, Places, and other information about the interred.

Special Interest Software

Wingo ‘Bingo’ Game Software

A ‘Have it Your Way’ Bingo game for Windows.   Design your own bingo cards to use other names for special occasions.    For Example:  ‘WATER’, ‘LINDA’,

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What else we provide?


We want all our Thoroughbred Software Clerks to be properly trained. Our software products are designed to be easy to use, however, we have found that properly trained Clerks are happier with their jobs, because they are confident and know what they are doing.    Our job is to make your job easier, and one of the ways we do that is provide you with easy to obtain, low costs training options.

And, We have a variety of training options from which you can choose how to obtain our training.

Group Classes

Private Lesson (At your place or our Downtown Topeka Facility)

Private Remote Access Training  (Over the Internet)

Top Quality Phone and Remote Access Internet Support

Are you already a Thoroughbred Customer and need a little help.   Call the ‘Special’ Tech Support number that shows on the startup screen each time you open your Thoroughbred Software program.      Then, Click on the big Blue Circular Button with White Question Mark to load our Teamviewer Remote Access Tech Support Tool.   Once loaded, it will give you two numbers, A UserID number and a Password which changes each time.   Read those two number to the Tech Support person.

Free Updates and Support for 5 Years from time of purchase.

Get FREE Updates of new features and other improvements Remotely as new features are added.


We are constantly investing in training for our staff in the latest technologies in the computer industry and windows and mobile software development so we can better meet the needs now and in the future of our customers.


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About us

We specialize in helping small Water Utilities and Municipalities get top of the line software and support at bargain prices for the industry.   At Thoroughbred, we strive to create easy to use, flexible, yet powerful software.  And, Our Clerks nearly always get instant tech support as easily as a quick call to our Support Phone Line.  We work together with our clerks as a team to make their job easier.

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